About We Wave Surfcamp

& Our Story

Not Just a Surf Camp

We Wave Surf Camp in Kuta Lombok is a special place. It’s our home nested in the Surfers & Traveller paradise of South Lombok filled with good vibes and a welcoming atmosphere that will make you never want to leave. 

A Day At We Wave

Wake up on a tropical island to the sound of quiet village life and enjoy breakfast in the morning sun. Afterwards we go surf!

We always take care that you’re at the right spot to the right time, even if that means we got to go at 6 am to guarantee the best conditions of the day. The ocean puts a smile on our faces, the feeling to ride a wave gets rewarded with endorphins and when the last of us can’t stop smiling, we enjoy a coconut and chill. If you still have some power left, we are off to a sunset session, if not we watch the sunset over some drinks. In between the surfs we teach you everything you got to know about surfing in theory. Watch yourself surfing on video while you get feedback on which things you do well already and which things you could improve. Before every surf session we give you helpful tips to think of in the water so you can make the most out of it. After sunset is dinner time. Sometimes indonesien, sometimes burger, sometimes pizza or a bbq at the beach, however you like it.

meet lukas

I am Lukas from Germany, but i got re-born in Fuerteventura, cause that is where i surfed my first waves. Always when the waves were bad in Fuerte, my surf teacher told me full of enthusiasm about the waves in Indonesia.
It happens that we have bad conditions here, but really rarely! 🙂
After four weeks of daily surf i came back to German winter, worked another short while in my job as a Fitness trainer, than i just had to leave.Ever since, I spent half a year in Indonesia, the other half I was working to finance it. The first years  I was traveling alone through the many beautiful remote islands indonesia has to offer, searching for adventures and good empty waves.  Two years ago I stayed on my favorite Island, Lombok, founded a company and set the foundation for WeWave. Lombok has a perfect mix, a lot of quality waves, beautiful beaches, but comparing to the remote parts of Indonesia, you don’t need to eat rice three times a day, sleep uncomfortable and live without Beers.