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Experience surfing in one of the most legendary surfing destinations of the world

All our packages include

Private Accommodation

Private Bathroom with Hot Water

Breakfast of Your CHoice

Airport Pick UP

Free Wi-Fi

Surfing Theory CLasses

Daily Surf Lessons | Guiding

Surf Equipment

Photo | Video Analysis

All our Packages Include

Our Packages

corona special: 1300€ 

*included 60 days Visa for Indonesia.

corona special: 2000€

*included 60 days Visa for Indonesia.

Why come surf with us?

Our approach to you is always individual because we believe that's most important to your progress in surfing. Our daily lessons are scheduled to the conditions of the ocean and the different surf spots around us. We promise you will have an unforgettable holiday while improving your surf like nowhere else! Plus we think you'll dig these extra's!


You can skate? We'll take you to a nice little bowl. You can't skate? We teach you!

Delicious Breakfast Options

We provide a choice of any style of two eggs with a dark sourdough bread made freshly by the French bakery in town, pancakes or porridge. All these dishes are served with a fruit juice and a fruit salad of seasonal fruits.


We organize a weekly BBQ evening on the beach with fresh caught Seafood and vegan delights!

Travelling with a non-surfer?

Partners or friends traveling with you that don't want to surf stay for just 10 Euro a night extra!


surfer girl in Gerupuk waiting for waves in front of the Lombok surf camp


Don't want to bump in to everyone all the time? Surfing in Lombok means you can still escape the crowd.

Small Camp

Don't want to feel like you are stuck in a mass tourism machine? We are a small camp and plan to keep it that way!

We wave surf camp founder doing a lay back snap in Gerupuk inside, Lombok

All Aspects of Surfing

Our guides & teachers not only know the waves around Kuta Lombok like no other, we also pay a lot of attention to the physical and theoretical sides of surfing.

"Your surfing can get better
on every turn, on every wave you catch.
learn to read the ocean better"
- Kelly Slater -