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Surf & Surf Camp questions

If conditions allow it, we surf twice a day, each surf is around two hours long.

WeWave prepares you in a theory lesson for you’re first Surf. We bring you to a beach break perfect for beginners to ride your first waves. Whenever you are ready you join the intermediate surfers to a reef break. Don’t worry we make sure you’re ready for it.

You are able to catch and ride along a wave, at least sometimes, and you want to step up your game, because eventually, you want to get barreled and be able to draw proper Bottom Turns and Cutbacks.
WeWave takes you to a reef break from day one, because there are no intermediate beach breaks around. Don’t be afraid we make sure that the Wave is mellow and the tide is high enough. 
Usually you won’t notice that you’re shoulder position is wrong and handicapping you’re mobility and flow. We will record you on video, show you your mistakes and get rid of them!
If you have a board already you’re welcome to bring it, if not, we have a small collection of boards. If none of our boards is right for you, we will rent one on our expenses.

The water temperature is warm most of the time and board-shorts is enough for most, however it gets slightly cooler from May till September because of winter in Australian, so if you are very sensitive to the cold you should bring a 1 mm top suit.

Two Girls joining the surf camp walking towards the ocean in Lombok

General questions

Yes we offer airport pickup, just let us know your flight details and we will make sure we are there

You’re better half is very welcome at WeWave. it’s only € 10 a day, and we have lots of additional activities to book for your non surfing partner.

About 10 minutes walking distance, but really everyone rents a scooter here. It’s just so nice to explore all the surrounding beaches, bars and restaurants on it. If you are to scared of driving, it’s very likely that there is a back seat on a scooter available.

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