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Welcome to WeWave Surfcamp Lombok!

Hello there!  We are happy you found us! WeWave Surfcamp Lombok is born out of our love for nature, adventure & the ocean! We are a small camp based in Kuta on the south coast of Lombok Indonesia. Our home is a vibrant little surf town surrounded by beautiful beaches & plenty of waves. Come to learn the art of surfing & enjoy our island lifestyle!

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Our <3 is in Surfing

WeWave Surfcamp Lombok is Surf Focussed! Our team is super passionate about the ocean and our mission is to share our love for the waves with you. Read more about life at WeWave here:
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Location Paradise

Lombok is a beautiful island east  of Bali, Indonesia.  We are surrounded by a wide variety of surf spots from mellow beginner friendly breaks to nasty barrels. Wanna discover more about our island paradise? Than check out our Blogs and go here:  | Lombok |

Pick your Package

At WeWave Surfcamp Lombok we know that every traveller is different so we have pre-composed 3 different packages depending on how long you want to stay. Lost your heart to Lombok? No worries, we got great deals for long-term stayers!   | Packages |

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Home away from Home

We work together with Mana Lombok. All our Guests stay in the new spacious Cabanas. Each room has its own private garden, a balcony and pool views.
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Surf your Heart out in Paradise

Why Stay With Us?

It's about surfing!

Whenever the conditions allow we will surf twice a day! We refer to our surf sessions as surf training because the focus is on your skill improvement. We Wave Surf Camp is a small camp and we never have more than 8  people staying at the same time, so we can really focus on You and your surfing. We also offer analytic video coaching and really go in depth on surfing theory!

Even though WeWave Surfcamp Lombok is definitely one of the cheapest options in town and we see ourselves as a budget surfcamp, we are still keen on offering our guests quality private accommodation. All our rooms have Air Conditioning, are spacious, have a private bathroom with hot water and a closet to store your stuff as well as a little desk to write messages, to make your friends back home jealous!

Comfortable & Affordable

Private beaches & Uncrowded Waves

Anyone who has surfed before at an overly crowded spot knows the value and blessings of empty waves. Lombok is still relatively undiscovered and thus it gets way less busy in the water than on its neighboring island of Bali. To add to  that, there are plenty of surf spots catering to all different levels and you will quickly get an idea of why we love it here so much!

Our local surf teachers and guides grew up surfing around Kuta, Lombok and they know the waves in our area like the back of their hand. We will make sure that you are always in the right spot at the right time and will go out of our way to figure out what teaching style, tips & tricks work for you!

Skate & do Yoga WIth us!

Surf, Skate, Yoga, Outdoor Crossfit & BBQ on the Beach! At We Wave we offer some pretty unique and awesome extra’s. If you are up for it we teach you how to skate! Or try our surf skate, a very good practice for surfing! We’ll give you a free yoga lesson with the best yoga school in town and have a weekly beach BBQ with super fresh seafood & vegan delights.

We Wave Life Style

Comfort, community and surf are perfectly combined into authentic surf camp experience in Lombok. Our camp is for you if you are travelling alone, as a couple or with a bunch of friends.  


Make friends Surfing

Experience authentic Lombok

Get Stoked on Surf

"If in doubt, paddle out"


opening special: 450€

 opening special: 600€ 

 opening special: 1000€ 

 opening special: 1750€ 

WeWave Surfcamp Lombok Packages Include


Daily Surf Lessons in small groups


Private AC room with private Bathroom


Fruit juice & choice of healthy breakfast options

Surf Theory

Analytic video coaching and a theory surf lesson


Surf Pics of YOU for free

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